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ABT for Wellness

Kim Purdy's Bodywork wellness clinic the choice for Asian Bodywork Therapy. Located in Quincy, Massachusetts, my clinic mainly offers ABT treatments that are deep-healing.

What to expect from your treatment.

ABT's focus on the meridians and channels that connect directly to the organs, via the parasympathetic nervous system. By treating these channels, I am sedating or tonyfying the person from deep within, its as relaxing as Swedish massage, but it's as therapeutic as Acupuncture.

A renewed spirit or vital force and strengthening of the immune system.

Clears the mind which is referred to as the 'Shen' in Chinese medicine, the shen is related to the spiritual essence of the heart.

Patients can be treated by  lying on a ABT table or on a futon in the traditional way.


Children with disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can benefit tremendously from ABT. I encourage parents to learn about great pressure points to treat their child.

 Classes are offered and they last for one hour, the cost is $10, per class. Please send me an email with "Classes" as the subject, to receive a schedule of class times.

Free 2 hour  introductory class on self-acu pressure. Please bring a yoga mat.  Please email to confirm your stay.

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